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Blister Packing Machine Flexible


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Blister Packing Machine Flexible


This machine is mainly used for paper and flexible film compound packaging for sterile medical disposable products and instrument such as syringe , catheters , gauze , bandages , dressing packs , surgical gowns , as well as for plastic compound packaging in food industry , It has a stainless steel frame and incorporates the latest technology related to safety , hygiene , and ease of cleaning and maintenance .


Features :

◆  Precision register control system with automatic adjustment of paper tension

◆  High-rigidity 4 holding columns and four-bar lifting linkage

◆  Straight roller transverse cutting or perforation transverse cutting system

◆  Air pressure rotary knife or rotary shear cut longitudinal cutting system

◆  Vacuum waste collection barrel or automated scraps rewind

◆  Built with world-class components for durability and reliability


Technical parameters :

Maximum packing width : 400mm

Maximum packing length : 400mm

Maximum cavity depth : 70mm

Speed : 12~18 cavities / min

Power : 380V , 60Hz , 19KW

Air supply : ﹥ 0.6Mpa

Weight : 2000kg

Dimension : 7245 x 1070 x 1756mm

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