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Sterile Dressing Packs


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Sterile Dressing Packs


◆  It is used for surgery or take samples for clinical examination

◆  All dressing trays for packs are made in ISO Class 8 Clean Room

◆  Some basic components such as Forceps and Balls are imported from brand supplier abroad

◆  Various Packing Methods are available:Hard Blister,Soft Blister,Film Bag Packing,etc

◆  Customization service


Dressing packs,as one of the most competitive products,which have been manufactured for many

years and are sold well to European,Australian,American as well as Asian market.



1 x Sterile Field                                          5 x Non-woven Balls 

1 x Dressing Tray                                      1 x Dressing Forceps Yellow

1 x Dressing Towel                                    2 x Dressing Forceps Blue

2 x Non-woven Swabs 7.5x7.5cm

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