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Pillow-type Packing Machine


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Pillow-type Packing Machine


This machine is specially designed for packing all kinds of special-shaped articles . The machine adopts PLC program control , photo - electricity paper mold adjustment , electronic text display ,four groups of auto thermo - regulators , and frequency conversion speed regulation for mian motor .

These devices are advanced in techniques and easy to handle . The machine characters good airtight , clear sealing , tidy and sanitation , flexible and fast , stable running , low noise and high efficiency .


Feature :

◆  Programmable control :

      It adopts PLC programmable controller to make running of the whole machine programmed . 

◆  Electronic text display :

      The information of the speed of machine , the set bag - length and the actual bag - length and

      the packing output will be clearly displayed on the screen of the TD - 200 display .

◆  Automatic regulating of bag - length :

      The alternation of the packing length can directly set through the TD - 200 display . It is very

      convenient and quick since manual operation is unnecessary .

◆  TWO - way compensating of color code detection :

      Photoelectric detecting sensor to detect the color code and can conduct automatic tracking

      through PLC computer program combined with two - way compensating mechanism , thus

      making the colorcode detection quick and accurate . 

◆  Four - group automatic temperature control :

      Every heating part adopts the temperature controller to automatically control temperature ,

      thus improving the quality of sealing .  


Technical Parameter :

Speed : 30 - 100bags / min ( depending on packing material )

Packing size : L 80 - 180mm , W 30 - 180mm , H 5 - 55mm ( Can be sepcially designed )

Power : 220V 50Hz , 2KW

Weight : 750kg

Dimension : LxWxH 5100 x 770 x 1600mm

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