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Liquor Swab Sticker Packing Machine


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Liquor Swab Sticker Packing Machine


The machine is used for packing four sides sealing of the swab sticker . The machine from bag forming ,feeding , automatic feeding liquid , four side sealing , easy opening , printing lot number , cutting to the finish products convey is finished at one time . The machine adopt PLC Programmable

Controller to program operation of the whole machine , the machine having the advantage as vantage performance , easy operation and maintenance . 


Feature :

◆  The machine drived by servo motor and aligned by pneumatic clamp , making operation stable .

◆  The touch screen clearly displaying the speed ,  the length and width of the bag setting . 

◆  Sensor automatic control arround correcting the film position , making the both side of bag the same , color code detecting , flattening and beauty . 

◆  Automatic feeding : vibration plate and mainpulatot can feeding 1-3 pieces one time ,  then having the feeing detecting and the alarm function .

◆  Automatic liquid feeding : Bucket pump adjustablet liquid feedingr , accuracy and inerrability  

◆  Automatic control temperature : The place of the heatsealing adopt couple temperature controller , improve the quality of the sealing 


Technical Parameter :

Speed : 27-36 pcs / min

Punch Frequency : 9-15times / min

The max packing film roller size : Ø400mm

Packing film width : 280mm

Packing size : L 100-145mm , W 44-75mm ( Can be specially designed )

Air supply : 0.55 ~ 0.6Mpa

Power : 220V 50Hz , 2.5KW

Weight : 1800kg

Dimension : 3000 x 1400 x 1380mm ( L x W x H )

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