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4-side seal& packing machine


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4-side seal& packing machine


The machine is used for packing four sides sealing Medincal dressing , such as gauze swab ,eye pad , wound dressing and some platelet products .


Feature :

◆  Servo pulse speed adjustment , can adapt to man kinds of packaging materials

◆  It adopts PLC programmable Controller and drived by servo motor to make running of the whole machine programmed. 

◆  The lengh of the bag automatic adjusting , and the packing length can directly setting ,easy and quick

◆  Color code detecting , import photoelectricity tracking the color code , making it correct

◆  Automatic control temperature , the place of the heat sealing adopt couple temperature controller , improve the quality of the sealing

◆  Automatic tracking of film moving heat sealing , heat sealing time , heat sealing track lengths within the provisions of and adjustable

◆  Using double channel feeder , improve the production efficiency


Technical Parameter :

Maximum packing size : 320 x 640mm

Speed : 40pcs / min

Power : 380V , 60Hz , 6.4KW

Air supply : 0.6Mpa

Weight : 1250kg

Dimension : 5700 x 1100 x 2100mm

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