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Job Training

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Our employees are the key to our success. We are always seeking great people to join our Company on its journey to greatness.
To establish the business of FULLCARE is the prospect of the Group’s development and the direction of talent strategy. We are a people-oriented enterprise and regards ‘People come first, Happiness reigns’ as the talent management tenet. In FULLCARE Group, there is a complete HR management system to attract, retain and develop talents, and we believe that employee development is the basis of company development. We stick to the principle of employee cultivation and have our own characteristics in talents choosing, cultivating, appointing and retaining. Summary of our talent strategies are listed as below:
1. People-oriented
We treasure and care our staff. We aim to develop FULLCARE as a 2nd home to our staff, which enjoy team spirit and harmonious working environment. Departments are cross cooperated with each other via flexible structure. Competitive and harmonized environment, together with the teamwork spirit make us achieve high quality and efficiency of our work. Besides, the values of staffs are respected and the needs of the staffs are concerned. We will arrange a wide variety of work to our talents, in order to maximize their abilities and innovative ideas. We offer our talents bright career prospects, healthy growing environment, effective encouragement mechanism and great enterprise culture, in order to make FULLCARE Group to become center of talents.
2. Appreciate person’s ability, Appoint people by abilities
‘Admit and develop talents’ is the consistent policy of FULLCARE Group and the core of Group talents strategy. We develop a reasonable pay structure in accordance with talents’ abilities. In addition, we offer favorable welfare treatment to accredited staff so as to make every talent with ideals and abilities to realize his / her own ambition in our Group.
3.Value-added Training and Lifelong Learning
FULLCARE Group has constructed a comprehensive and multi-level training system in order to make our Group a learning company, as well as to promote human capital to increase in value. As the global environment reflects that more resources and efforts are put into training in modern enterprises, our Group organized a comprehensive ‘Management Training Programme’ from 2006. The Programme covers wide range of topics includes strategic management, quality management and organizational management. These courses provide our managers with advanced management theories, and provide them with opportunities to communicate face to face with the professional trainer, thus they can improve their management skills to meet the Group’s fast expanding business goals. From the training, our staffs not only benefit from the enhancement in the competitiveness and enthusiasm, but also having the opportunity to bring their potentials and knowledge into practical experience.
4. Wide space for Individual Development
We are grateful to each employee for his / her contribution to our Group. Meanwhile, we are managing to create opportunities and spaces for every competent talent’s development on the basis of company’s growth. In an open and harmonious working environment, we encourage our staffs to express their views, and provide them with wide space for individual development. Hence, our employees are very clear on their own career path. We hope that we can develop a long-term partnership with our talents, as well as more chances are provided to talents so as to push the rapid and healthy development of our Group.
With nearly 18 years’ development, FULLCARE Group deeply perceived that ‘the competition between enterprises is the competition between talents’. Among all the factors that influence an enterprise, talents are the key factor that represents an enterprise’s competitiveness. We can clearly identify that FULLCARE’s resplendence is the result of the whole staffs’ endeavor. Now, we welcome you to join our family to build a bright future!