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regional manager

regional manager

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Home About Us Products Job Title: Regional Manager Job Type: Sales
Recruitment number: 5 Gender: Any
Work area: Shaoxing Salary range: Negotiable
Working years: 2 years Working nature: full time
Accept resume language: Chinese
Education requirements: specialist
description of job :
1. Develop and implement sales strategies based on the company's business objectives and regional market conditions, and organize the implementation and completion of sales and development objectives;
2. Develop customers, establish effective sales channels in the region, and evaluate risks and performances for customers;
3. Manage and maintain large customers and key hospitals, and establish good cooperative relations with them to promote the continuous growth of business;
4. Conduct market research, sales and after-sales services, collect market information, assess market capacity, potential, and competitive situation, and do market planning;
5, Responsible for the collection of goods, to ensure timely and smooth payment;
6. Coordinate with the planning, creativity, preparation, tracking, participation and analysis of the marketing plan of the domestic trade fair;
7. Other tasks assigned by company leaders.
Qualifications :
1. College degree or above (including junior college);
2. Engaged in clinical business for more than two years. Have good public relations and have a certain customer network in the domestic market;
3. Interested in sales work, and has good communication skills and market development capabilities;
4. Those whose household registration is in Shaoxing area will be given priority;
5, excellent team building experience, team management ability, good at coordinating the work of the marketing team;
6. Have a keen market awareness, resilience, leadership and independent market development ability, strong learning ability; strong logic and good language skills;
7, with a strong enterprising spirit, energetic, healthy, optimistic and open-minded, full of pioneering spirit;
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